How we’ve helped

Tower House Horses CIO works with Hampshire County Council’s Mental Health & Substance Misuse Teams, offering equine assisted recovery as part of community rehabilitation. Learn about some of the people we’ve helped here:

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“When I went into recovery I had very little confidence and self-esteem. I learned so much from the horses about how my own emotions can impact on people around me. I am genuinely happy with the direction my life is headed. I know what I want and I have the confidence to go out and get it…”

For those struggling with their emotional health, interacting with horses can have significant impact.  Emma suffered from anxiety, depression and self-harm for many years. Being with the Tower House herd made a huge difference to her ability to cope.



“I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you and your awesome horses. Even just being in the field is incredibly calming. I have noticed I haven’t been thinking negatively or being self-critical. I feel so much more relaxed, I can’t quite believe it!”

Ex-offenders need support to help them re-integrate in the community. Our programme is designed to provide the confidence and transferrable skills they need in order to avoid re-offending.

Key findings from preliminary research into the effectiveness of equine assisted therapy by Dr Adrian Needs, a chartered psychologist with many years of experience in prisons and related settings, indicate that our approach “may have considerable value as a catalyst for change in clients (such as veterans and ex-offenders) where this can be difficult. It may also provide a metaphor and a paradigm for increasing our understanding of personal change.”



“I have less self-doubt. I can now focus on believing in myself.”

We help families in crisis by building trust, learning to recognise each other’s strengths and needs and improving communication.



What this experience gave us was quality time together to help us resolve our issues as a family. The horses taught me to be mindful and to slow down. I am always in a hurry to get things done and I sometimes don’t get anywhere with the kids, but then I remember what I learned at Tower House Horses and I get a much better response by being calm. We were honoured to be given this experience. It’s a great way to learn about ourselves, to communicate better and work as a team. This is something we will never forget.”

Young people whose behaviour is challenging can benefit from connecting with horses away from the classroom setting.


DB - H’s Foster Carer

“In foster care with a history of attachment, anger and behavioural issues, by the age of 12, H had been totally excluded from mainstream education, and was attending a pupil referral unit two hours a day. Six months on, there was a marked difference in her. It is my firm belief that the opportunity to explore experiential learning with horses has empowered H to understand and relate in human terms, the impact of her behaviour on those around her.”

Learning with horses offers a different perspective on parenting. Our programme for parents of children with special needs provides much needed time and space for personal development and valuable insights.



“I have learned a lot about myself as a person and as a mother. How important it is sometimes to take a step back and observe, so you can see what changes need to be made. I feel I am more understanding than I was before joining the group.”


We believe in the importance of building credibility based on evidence, which is why we use pre- and post-course self-assessment questionnaires across all our projects to track clients’ growth and change. We map their level of satisfaction in specific areas of life on a scale of 1-10, where 1 is low and 10 high. Our growing bank of qualitative data supports our claims for the efficacy of equine assisted learning. These are a few examples:

Equine Assisted Recovery programme - analysis of questionnaire data across five cohorts of residents of a treatment centre who each attended 6 x 2 hour sessions:

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“Change For Life” project – for ex-offenders, veterans and those in recovery from substance misuse – analysis of data from 13 respondents who each attended 6 x 2-hour sessions:

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“Herd Wisdom” project – for perpetrators of domestic violence referred by Hampshire & Isle of Wight Community Rehabilitation Company – analysis of data from 4 respondents:

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